dinsdag 20 maart 2018

Movie Night

A little while ago we went to a movie night, where a surprise film was shown. We drank tea and had petit fours with marzipan inside, yum!!

vrijdag 16 maart 2018

Yay, it’s Pancake Day

Pancake day, amongst my top ten of most fabulous days of the year. You get to bake and eat pancakes....

zondag 11 maart 2018

Knitting in the Cold

We’ve had a busy week here at Pale Rose Cottage. Lots of things had to be replaced or fixed. We had a day in which the heating, gas and running water were cut if for five hours. And in this cold weather it was a challange as the sun was not always there...

dinsdag 6 maart 2018

Hiding in a Tepee

Our darling girl, Charlotte, is over the moon with her new hidingplace. A cat tepee, in which she sleeps, runs around and plays with. So adorable to watch her enjoy herself! 

zaterdag 3 maart 2018

Frost and Toast

It’s been cold outside, we’ve had frost and we had snow. When we went grocerieshopping this morning my boots almost immersed in it...

woensdag 28 februari 2018

Blossom and Muffins

Remember the branches we found and took home? They have rewarded us with lots of delicate pink flowers, aren’t they pretty?! I really like them...

zaterdag 24 februari 2018

Eggplants & Snowdrops

Grilled eggplant with rosemary and feta cheese for lunch. It’s just mom and me. Dad is of to his club & us ladies do love a grilled eggplant :)
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