woensdag 27 juli 2016

Pale Rose

It's really summer, warm temperatures and frozen berries where aplenty here at Pale Rose...

woensdag 13 juli 2016

maandag 11 juli 2016

A cup of Sunshine

It's "officially" summer if you got your sundress on & are sitting in the garden, drinking  a glass of fresh orangejuice. Here at Pale Rose Cottage are we enjoying the sunshine, after a lot of rain yesterday.

donderdag 24 maart 2016

Looking Forward

The weather has been grey, a few drops of rain. And life at Pale Rose is going on as usual. Easter is coming soon, as is my sisters birthday & we are looking forward to spending time together at her home...

donderdag 17 maart 2016

Happy St Pats

Today it's St Patricks day and here at Pale Rose Cotage we are celebrating by eating cabbage, but not the green variety. We are being a bit more "creative" and less traditional by  eating red cabbage with apple and raisins in it.

donderdag 10 maart 2016

Early Pancakes & Reading Jane

On the 18th this month Pancake day will be celebrated again I read on the internet. But here at Pale Rose cottage we could not wait till then. So I made  a batter, heated the pan and got baking! It would not take long before the delicious smell of fresh pancakes started to float through the air...

donderdag 3 maart 2016

Quietly Baking

It's been a quiet week so far, we have spend a lot of time together as a family. Reorganized some closets, a bit of an early spring clean. Been to the shops to buy a few things & mom and I baked bread together in my pretty tins, see picture above.

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